My father isn’t here anymore, but his memory will always be with me.  I’m fortunate to have wonderful male relatives who will be terrific influences, including an uncle who has been like a second father to me and can’t wait to be an honorary “granddad!”  He took me on all kinds of adventures when I was young and is already thinking about all the fun things we can do with your child.

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Absolute Devotion: Adoring, Successful Professional, Will Be Stay-At-Home Mom, Music, Travel, Laughter, Unconditional LOVE awaits 1st baby

Expenses Paid  Valid Home Study Approved

We start off the New Year watching the events in Times Square on TV with noise-makers, a napoleon cake, and a sip of champagne.  (I don’t drink, but I make an exception once a year!)  As a kid, I was allowed to come down in my pajamas to watch the ball drop with the adults.

While I’ve thought about having biological children, I’ve also always thought about adopting. I have relatives and close friends who have adopted their children and they are the most dedicated parents, because they cherish the gift they’ve been given. 

 Although I’ve dated some nice men, I’m not married or in a relationship, so adoption seems like a natural route for me, and from the moment I started the process, it’s felt like it was meant to be.  While I’m open to the possibility of a relationship or marriage in the future, it would have to fit into the life that I build with your child, who will always be my priority.

It will be so special to share my family traditions with your child, and to start new ones that we’ll carry on through the years. I also look forward to all of the day-to-day activities we’ll do together—going to the park and the zoo, playing in the sand and the ocean at the beach, visiting museums, seeing silly shows and movies, eating in restaurants, enjoying big messy ice-cream cones, going to the local toy stores—along with the children of my relatives and friends, and all of the new kids they’ll meet in their neighborhood and schools.  I can’t wait to plan fun birthday parties for your child, celebrate the holidays with them, play games with them, read to them, write stories for them, and learn from them.  Most of all, I’m ready to start giving your child a lifetime full of hugs and kisses and love!

My father also had a great sense of humor.  He was an expert bridge player who had won many competitions, but he was also amused by having “Yahtzee” tournaments with me for toy prizes. His favorite was a sorry-looking electronic dog that could be made to walk and bark! He loved all kinds of games, as does my mom, who is also a crossword puzzle whiz. These have become some of my favorite pastimes too. 

I’ve always wanted to be a mom.  Even when I was a child myself, my favorite toys were my baby dolls that I could dress up and wheel around in strollers! As I got older, I spent as much time as I could helping to take care of my younger cousins.  I was also the go-to babysitter for my teachers and neighbors.  Even during vacations, I was asked to watch the kids of the other guests at the hotels.

I also got to know a new group of people in Long Island through my godmother, a family friend, who has a home nearby. She’s a kind and engaging lady, who was married to a European Count and has friends from all around the world that I’ve enjoyed meeting at her wonderful dinner and cocktail parties. 

I also went on trips with my friends and their families when I was young, and by ourselves as we got older. 

I’m glad to still be close to many of my childhood friends, and enjoyed being in the weddings of friends from every stage in my life.  (For one, where I was the maid of honor, we got to work with a well-known designer on the bridal and bridesmaid dresses!)


My mother, Brenda, is my best friend, my role model, and my hero.  She was home with me full-time while I was growing up and we did everything together.  My mom and I ate our meals together, spent time at the local playgrounds, zoos, and museums, saw movies and Broadway plays, went to church on the weekends (always followed by a trip to my favorite pizza place across the street where we’d get pepperoni slices and cokes!)  My mom planned playdates for me, helped me with my homework, took me to after-school activities, and was always there to fight for me, comfort me, and laugh with me. I will be just as devoted to your child as my mother is to me, and I hope to be as good an example.

My mother and I were always talking.  Before I could even speak, she would talk to me all the time as if I could understand, which, in a way, I think I did.  She would tell me about the “big plane” that would take us home from England to New York, and all the family who were waiting for us there. She’d reminisce about her childhood and the relatives who came before us and the funny times she had with my dad.

Soon I joined in the conversation, and it has continued to this day!  I know my early talks with my mother led to our deep-rooted bond, and I think they also piqued my interest in the people and world around me.  My mom always laughs that my first question was: “Where was I before I was here?”   She wasn’t surprised that I later chose to major in philosophy!  I look forward to having the same open dialogue with your child, and to sharing all of life’s occasions with them.

My mother stopped working when I was born, but she continued her hobby of painting, one of her many creative talents.  She used to work on a new watercolor picture each night after I went to bed to surprise me with in the morning.  I’m not the best artist, but I think watching my mother pursue her interests inspired me to develop my own creativity as a kid.  From even the earliest ages, I had started making up stories, which led to a lifelong love of writing.I hope that seeing me work on my writing and other passions will help to spark your child’s imagination.


The best way to let you know what your child’s life would be like with me is to tell you about my own upbringing and lifestyle, and the significant people and influences in it. I hope to have the chance to share the blessings I’ve been granted, from the wonders and enchantment of childhood to the realization of adult dreams, with your child.  

My mother, who is my best friend, has been dreaming about being a grandma.  She was home with me while I grew up, and she’ll be there with me for your child.  She’s a talented artist and has already started working on some drawings for the nursery! Your child would be her first grandchild, and her forever darling.

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At Thanksgiving, my Aunt Judy does the cooking and we all gather around her dining room table with the extra leaves in to fit everyone. Some years, my mother and I have the family to our house, and my job is to get the table ready the night before.  I always get a joyful feeling thinking about ironing our humongous tablecloth on Wednesday night with the Charlie BrownThanksgiving special playing on TV.

Please call or text 1-800-989-8921 anytime.

I’ve been graced with many blessings that put me in a good position to adopt. I’m thankful to have excellent health and financial resources, that will let me give my full attention to your child in a warm and comfortable home.  My family and friends couldn’t be more supportive of my plans to adopt and eager to know and love your child!  

My father, who passed away when I was eighteen, was separated from my mother but lived near us in New York and spent time in London.  He was a true old-fashioned gentleman.  He dressed up for dinner, did business with a handshake, and socialized with English lords and ladies.  (Right before he died, he asked the Queen’s cousin to give me a debutante ball!)

As much as I liked to write, my best subjects as a child were math and science. I was especially interested in physics and what it told us about the universe.  I enjoyed going to science museums and the Planetarium and had a fantasy of being an astronaut.  My mom and I loved to go outside and look at the stars, and, when we were inside, we’d sometimes turn out the lights and use a projector to cast the night sky onto the ceiling!  I chose to study philosophy in college because it combined my attractions to logic and reverie.  I still love to read and think about the mysteries of our world and beyond!

Unlike my father who was very proper, my uncle is a real adventurer and often included me in his escapades.  He still tells the story of the time he took me fishing with a bunch of the guys and I got the biggest catch!  He also used to take me bike riding, horseback riding, hiking in the mountains, boating, sledding, and even driving around in his race car!  To this day, he travels the world exploring places that few have ever been.

Since I had a happy childhood that led to a fulfilling adult life, I would plan to raise your child similar to the way my parents raised me.  I would build a relationship with your child based on open communication.  I would teach him or her guiding values and principles that I would trust them to carry out.  I would always be there for them and support them, while encouraging independence.

I would teach them to build their self-perception and self-confidence from within, guiding them to listen to well-meaning advice and ignore bad-natured remarks.  I’d emphasize ideals such as loyalty, respect, gratitude and generosity, and the importance of seeing the value and potential in others.  I’d encourage them to stand up for themselves and their beliefs, but also to keep an open mind and heart.  

I look forward to the chance to introduce your child to the many opportunities that will be available to them, and to watch them discover their talents and interests.  Whether they have passions like mine, that we can share, or different ones that I can get to know and understand, I’ll always help them to be the best versions of themselves, and take pride in guiding them towards their personal goals and dreams.  I’ll teach them to learn from mistakes and grow from challenges, but also let them know that no one is perfect and they should appreciate themselves for who they are.  Most of all, I’ll try to help them to take life seriously, but not to take themselves too seriously, and to always try to enjoy themselves!

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When I outgrew kid parties, my father let me invite my friends to come and stay at the house. In the summers, we’d go to the beach and tennis clubs, where they had big fireworks displays at the holidays. We’d eat out by the water, and get homemade ice cream and fudge from the local Ma and Pa stores.  In the autumn, when it was quieter, we’d crunch around in the leaves and go apple or pumpkin picking.  In the spring, we’d take long walks as the tulips and hydrangeas and daffodils started coming out.  And in the winter, we’d visit the shops in the nearby historic town. When I was young, we liked to play mini-golf, and as I got older I started taking regular golf lessons.

For hobbies, I still like to do a lot of the things I did as a kid: read, play piano, go to concerts, eat out, spend time at the beach, bake, decorate for the holidays, take walks, and now, play with my little Star.  Did I mention Star is also a clown?  I’m smiling, thinking of all the fun your child would have with him!

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At Easter, we’d color eggs and try to come up with funny places to hide them for hunts. We’d have baskets full of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and “panoramic” eggs with pretty scenes inside made of colored sugar and icing.

This is my dog, Star. Star is the biggest sweetheart, who loves to give kisses, snuggle, and play with everyone—children, adults, and all other dogs and pets! The kids in my neighborhood all love Star and are always asking their parents to let them have playdates with him! 

Welcome, and thank you for the honor of considering me to be an adoptive parent to your child.  I admire your courage and compassion, and I send you my prayers and best wishes.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to tell you about myself and what I hope to be able to offer as a mother.

​Throughout high school, I volunteered and interned at local schools, and did several Big Sister programs. I didn’t know at the time I was following in the footsteps of many of my earlier family members who were teachers!  I also value spending time with the children of my family and friends.

I’ve done serious tasks like serve on boards and committees to help people who have been through traumas, and lighter jobs like covering the “P. Diddy” trial as a reporter.  I’ve had the chance to meet some amusing people in entertainment, and some inspiring people in government service, including many first responders, who I’ve formed lifelong friendships with.  I’m pleased to be able to stay home now and write about these experiences, while working on coming up with new stories of my own.

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Another aunt, Diane, who everyone thinks I look just like, shares my quirky sense of humor, and we’re often involved in some private joke that no one can understand.  Her husband, Tony, who was a great athlete when he was young, spent years coaching basketball and teaching history.

My homes in Manhattan and Long Island are close to the ones I grew up in, and near all the same resources.  We still have the same family home in New Jersey that we’ve been in for years.

His old-school ways brought charm to my life.  He hired a “dressmaker” to sew fancy clothes for me.  He planned magical birthday parties for me, one with a “Alice in Wonderland” theme and a full cast of characters, and another with a professional sketch artist to draw pictures of me and my friends. He also had matching portraits done of us by a well-known English artist. Even though he isn’t here, his ways and lessons will always be with me and will help me bring a bit of whimsy to your child’s life!

In the summers, we’d have barbecues in my aunt and uncle’s backyard, and later, my family would visit my mother and me in Long Island. 

 For Halloween, I’d go trick-or-treating with friends and come home with pumpkins full of candy.  Even now, my family and I often have get-togethers and dress up in goofy costumes.

My homes are also near the best ice cream, cupcake, and candy shops.

I have many other aunts, uncles and cousins who I’ve been surrounded by my whole life.  They are my closest friends and they are so excited to be part of your child’s life.  My cousins are starting to have children of their own, so your child would have family to grow up with.

From an early age, I started inventing words and languages and names that I taught to my friends during Library Period.  (I even asked my mom to type up a “Soe-me” / English dictionary!)  One year, I directed my friends in a performance of the musical Evita, after I’d memorized the script.  Soon I made a best friend who was a kindred spirit and we started writing movies—and even our own sitcom— that we filmed on my video camera.  (She later became a screenwriter in LA!) 

Another favorite thing of mine is dessert!   I can’t wait to see your child’s face light up the way mine did when I had my first ice cream cone!

We’d count down the days to Christmas with our many advent calendars, and our favorite Christmas movies.  To this day, we still watch How the Grinch Stole Christmasand The Polar Expressevery year. On Christmas Eve, after our family meal, the kids would get to open one of their gifts. Mine was always a holiday nightgown that I could wear to bed that night. On the way home, in my new fuzzy nightgown, we’d drive by an old manor that was turned into a Christmas village, with miles of light displays and music playing.  Sometimes we’d spend the night at my grandparents’ house and the path to their doorway would be lined with paper bag lanterns.  

Before bed, my mom would read me The Night Before Christmas, then I’d be up first thing the next morning (if I went to sleep at all) to find bundles of presents under the tree.  I always got the greatest gifts, but I think I liked the way they looked in their shiny wrapping paper and bows even more…


I was lucky to have a superb education that allowed me to go to the college and law school of my choice, and I would provide the same for your child. Even beyond the academics, I thought of school as a place to explore my curiosities and foster my independence in and out of the classroom.


 What my homesare like has always been important to me.  I love searching for the perfect place to live and imagining how I can make it my own.  I enjoy renovating and decorating and deciding on styles that reflect the influences in my life.  I’ve put a lot of thought and heart into every place I’ve lived, and it’s been important to me to include some of my father’s belongings, as well as gifts passed down or given to me by other relatives, in all my homes.

I have a close network of friends of all backgrounds, ages, and interests. Many of them have young children, who I can’t wait to introduce your child to!

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I’m an attorney, have practiced family law, and have had the chance to be part of two long-term public interest projects of meaningful national and historic importance.  I’ve also worked as a freelance reporter and author, and I’m now developing some personal writing projects from home.  I can’t wait to be a full-time mom and hope to have the joy of welcoming your child into my life.

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I start my Christmas decorating as soon as we finish Thanksgiving dinner.  In New Jersey, where my family spends the holidays, we have a tree in almost every room filled with all kinds of ornaments: multi-color balls, handcrafted glass Christmas scenes and characters, sparkly popsicle sticks I glued together as a kid, a special “Silent Night” ball that my grandparents gave to all of their children, and our parents have passed down to my generation.  Each family also has the ornaments that we give to each other every year to add to our collections.  I love picking these gifts out with my mother at Bloomingdale’s each December.

I live in Manhattan in the same family-oriented neighborhood that I grew up in.  (Though I was actually born in London where my parents were living at the time!)  My home is near the best educational, cultural, and recreational resources, and right near my mother.  I also have homes in Long Island near the beach, and in New Jersey near my many aunts, uncles and cousins.

But no time is more special to us than Christmas.  In New York, the city looks like a snow-globe: the streets are twinkling with lights, the houses are decked out with colorful decorations, the stores on Fifth Avenue have out their ornate holiday displays, there are Santas on every corner, and there are carols filling the air. There’s a wonderful “Christmas Spectacular” show at Radio City Musical Hall, and ice skating at Rockefeller Center near the big tree.  It’s also fun outside of the city when it snows and you can make snowmen and go sledding and warm up with hot chocolate.

I come from a big, close family of Italian, French, Irish, English, and German descent, who value tradition, faith, imagination, and a little adventure. We are all waiting to embrace your child if we’re fortunate enough to be his or her adoptive family! 

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I also had a special bond with my grandparents. My grandfather, who was an otherwise formidable figure, used to buy me presents on other people’s birthdays and make up long nonsensical songs to sing to me.  My grandmother, who was elegant and reserved, used to have long conversations with me. When her hearing diminished with age, I was always the one person she could still understand!

 As I got older, instead of buying me presents, she started giving me something of her own for my birthdays— a special ring; her favorite leopard blanket; her silver; knick-knacks from her bookshelves—which were the most precious gifts I could get.  I know my mom will have the same strong relationship with her grandchild, and I’ll treasure watching that bond develop.


Some of my favorite memories from childhood—and my favorite times now— are the holidays!   I spend most of them with my family and we have many traditions for each. I hope to have the chance to share these times with your child and to create new memories with them!

My uncle is also the reason for my sense of adventure with food.  He started taking me to restaurants as soon as I could eat. I never had to finish anything I didn’t like, but he always encouraged me to try.  My family always jokes about the time we went to my favorite fast-food restaurant and I tried to order a lobster.  (I’m not sure why since I love burgers and hot dogs as much!) To this day, I take pleasure in trying new food, and eating out with my family and friends.  It’s also a family tradition that, every Thanksgiving, my uncle and I each get one of the two turkey legs.  My aunt has to put out an extra plate for me because the leg doesn’t fit on mine with all the other food!
I have many other aunts, uncles and cousins in New Jersey too.  One of my aunts, Linda, is like a big kid herself and I always counted the days until I could spend the night at her house. 

I have many other aunts, uncles and cousins in New Jersey too.  One of my aunts, Linda, is like a big kid herself and I always counted the days until I could spend the night at her house.  

One of the most exciting moments of my childhood was when I found out that one of my aunts was having twins so I’d have younger cousins to help take care of.  (I even wrote a story about it that I made into a book!) Soon another cousin came along, and they were like younger siblings to me.  I’ve stayed close to them and my other cousins as we’ve grown up, and they’ve all become amazing people.

One is an incredible artist and photographer, who started drawing before she could speak, and now creates playful portraits and pictures.  Another is an assistant teacher, who works with special needs children.  One works for a major charity.  One is a homemaker with a beautiful son and daughter.  Others have children as well and we hope that more will come along soon, so your child would have older and younger cousins if we’re lucky enough to have him or her in our family! 

Please call or text 1-800-989-8921 anytime.

I hope to have the chance to get to know you and your aspirations for your child.  The pages that follow will tell you more about me, and how to be in touch with me any time you’d like to.  I hope to hear from you!

When I was growing up, my mom and aunt and I started baking homemade sugar cookies each year.  My aunt would prepare the dough, my mother would put on the icing, and I would do the decorating with colored sprinkles and silver balls and cinnamon hearts.  We made trees and bells and angels and snowmen. As I got older, my cousins and I took over this tradition.  (My artist cousin does the most elaborate designs!)  These would be the cookies we’d put out for Santa on Christmas Eve!  I also make Christmas spice cookies with buttercream icing, from a recipe given to me by my aunt.

My closest aunt and uncle, Judy and George, have been like a second set of parents to me.  My mom and I used to stay with them at their house in New Jersey before we got our own, and we did all kinds of activities with them.

Please call or text 1-800-989-8921 anytime.


I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to get to know me.  I’d feel privileged and humbled to have the chance to become an adoptive parent to your precious child.  If you choose to place that trust in me, I promise to earn it each and every day, and to do my best to give your child a lifetime of love, opportunities, and fun.          

I hope to hear from you and invite you to call me any time. To find out more about me, please call toll-free , 1-800-989-8921 or

Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call my adoption attorney. She’s an expert in adoption law and makes it easy to understand.  

With love and tremendous gratitude, 



 I’ve had a lot meaningful responsibilities and opportunities in my adult life, that have led to some unique experiences.  After my father passed away, I was put in charge of his affairs, which introduced me as a young woman to the world of business and travel abroad.  I spent a lot of time in London and got to know the city of my birth.  

One summer, I was asked to let my father’s house be used to raise money for a local charity. Top designers decorated it in wild styles, that included live animals, balloon furniture, actors dressed as waiters, and a giant aquarium, and tours were offered to the public for several months.  One of the most interesting touches was a crossword puzzle painted on the ceiling of our library with the titles of our books in the squares, combining two of my family’s favorite pastimes!  My dad would’ve gotten a kick out of it, but, like my mother and me, he would have been relieved that it was returned to normal when we got it back! 

Through my work, I’ve also had the chance to be part of some momentous events, including the openings of national landmarks and cultural venues, public hearings on historic topics, and presidential ceremonies. I had the privilege of drafting a chapter for a book that was nominated for the National Book Award. I’ve gotten to see two popes, go to a US Navy ship commissioning, and even take part in a test flight for a new aircraft. 

I studied classical piano for years and performed in many recitals. In grade school, I was given the job of playing the national anthem every morning for school assemblies. In high school, my friends and I got into popular music and we became such groupies of the band 10,000 Maniacs that I got to sing with them at a show at Radio City. During that time, I also started learning a little guitar.  I still play piano as often as I can and love to go to concerts.  A recent favorite was Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden.   

There were also many athletic opportunities at my schools.  As a child, my best sport was gymnastics. I was on the team for a while and gave lessons to the younger kids.  Later, I played a little tennis and squash.  Whether I was good at a sport or not, I enjoyed participating for recreation and going to games to cheer on my schools’ stellar teams.    

I also did an exchange program in France in ninth grade.  I didn’t like the French too much (despite having ancestors from there!) but it was a good learning experience that broadened my perspective.

In the summers, I went to day camp and sleepaway camp, where we had more athletic activities, including swimming and water sports, as well as arts & crafts, theater productions, and marshmallows around the campfire.    

In addition to spending time with my relatives in New Jersey, my mother and I went on many family vacations with them. We took an annual trip to Bermuda, where we would rent a cottage near the main hotel’s pool and beach. For a while, my aunt and uncle owned property in the south where my uncle grew up.  It was a relaxing place to visit and they often let me bring friends along.    

My mom and I also spent time with my father at his house in Long Island.  He bought it when I was in grade school after I told him I wished I had a “country house” like my friends.  But unlike many other houses, it was a turn-of-the-century estate with landscaped gardens, prize-winning roses, and antiques! It also had fun surprises, like a secret door that looked like part of the wall, and a motorized chair that I’d ride up and down the back stairs.